We make a variety of scrumptious pastries.

• Classic cream puffs
• Comforting cookies
• Decadent danish
• Marvelous muffins
• Pleasurable pies
• Sensational strudel
• Tempting tarts

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Our Fudge

Our creamy, mouthwatering fudge is famous.  Seriously to die for.  We make a variety of flavours that are purchased by weight.  Drop by the shop for a sample and take some home today!

• Peanut butter
• Maple Walnut
• Skor
• Chewy Praline
• Salted Caramel
• and many more.....

Seasonal Baked Goods

We celebrate the holidays in style!  As is Dutch tradition, we make our own Stollen, Almond Rings, Yule Logs, Mincemeat Tarts and much more are available.

For Easter, our bakers create a variety of chocolate bunnies, egg shaped cakes, chocolate truffles, cookies and meringue nests, and on Valentine’s Day, almost everything we bake is shaped like a heart.


An assortment of sweet and standard, homemade breads are yours for the buttering.

• Sour Dough
• Rye
• Nine Grain
• Raisin
• Cranberry
• Old Fashion

Sweet Loaves
• Apple Cinnamon
• Fiesta
• Date & Nut
• Lemon
• Orange & Cranberry

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