Our deli offers a substantial assortment of sliced meats, including Smoked Horsemeat and a selection of appetizing salamis, liverwursts, and smoked mackerel. Castle Gouda is our specialty and it is available in mild, medium, aged and spiced, along with many other fine imported cheeses. You will also find frozen croquettes, potato, macaroni & coleslaw salads, and baked savory goods to tempt your taste buds.


• Black Forest and Westphalia Ham
• Blood and Tongue
• Boterhamworst
• Liver and Bacon
• Liverwurst
• Metworst
• Oven Roasted Turkey
• Roast Beef
• Salamis (various)
• Smoked Sausage


• Bavarian Blue
• A variety of Cheddars
• Edam
• Fresian Clove
• Goat Cheese
• Goudas (various)
• Havarti
• Lappi
• Monalisa
• Swiss

Savory & Salads

• Beef or Chicken Pie
• Beef Rolls
• Croquettes (Frozen)
• Quiche
• Sausage Rolls
• Macaroni & Tuna Salad
• Potato Salad