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Welcome to The Village Bake Shop

A Dash of Dutch Alchemy and Lots of Love!

Welcome to our delectable Dutch bakery, where everything we create is made with the finest fresh ingredients, a dash of Dutch alchemy and lots of love!

We invite you to visit The Village Bake Shop for a truly unique experience. The Village Bake Shop is located in Whitby at 601 Dundas St. W. ON.

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Our Bakery


Fresh, Delicious, and Inviting

We make a variety of scrumptious pastries. Choose favorites from childhood or try something new. Many of our pastry recipes have been with us for decades while others are exciting and new. We bake everything fresh so you get the real wholesome goodness that makes our pastries melt in your mouth. Enjoy Chocolate Caramel Cupcake , Raspberry Filled Butter Boat, Cream Puff, Brandy Snap, and many more.

It's like being back in Oma's kitchen again - only with the most magnificent selection a person could every want! Browse our long list of favorites. Pick up or order your pastries to enjoy at home or work.

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Fresh Baked Homemade Breads For Every Taste

Stop by our bakery any day and enjoy the fabulous aroma of freshly baked bread. We offer a full selection of sweet and standard homemade breads ready for you to take home and butter. It's so soft and delicious with the perfect crust. Whether you prefer traditional plain bread, nuts, baked in fruits, or special grains - we have enough choices to keep your bread box filled with goodness all year. Make our fresh baked breads a regular treat in your home.

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Seasonal Baked Goods

Making Your Holidays Truly Special

We celebrate the holidays in style! As is Dutch tradition, we make our own Stollen, Almond Rings, Yule Logs, Mincemeat Tarts and much more are available.

For Easter, our bakers create a variety of chocolate bunnies, egg shaped cakes, chocolate truffles, cookies and meringue nests, and on Valentine’s Day, almost everything we bake is shaped like a heart.

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Creamy Chocolaty Perfection

Our creamy, mouthwatering fudge is famous. People travel great distances just to stop in for our fudge. It's seriously to die for. If you've ever tried to make fudge, it's hard to have it turn out right. We mastered the art of perfect fudge way back in the 1970s. You will be in fudge heaven with the very first bite. We make a variety of flavours that are purchased by weight. We make more types of fudge than you knew existed: Chocolate, Maple, Maple Walnut, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Rolo and a great many more. Drop by the shop and take some home today!

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Take your sandwiches to a much higher level with our Dutch specialties and much more. Our meats cover the full range of mouth watering favorites that turn any meal into a rare feast of flavor.

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Our premium cheeses are made to perfection. We don't cut any corners in the fine cheeses we offer. Get the flavor, textures, and aromas you love. Enjoy new choices like popular Dutch cheeses. Great for baking, cooking, or simply enjoying on crackers with your favorite wine.

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Savoury & Salads

Whether your want to eat more healthy or enjoy old world goodness, our Savoury and Salads offer culinary perfection and adventures not available elsewhere. Make any meal or snack much more special with a few of the magnificent choices we offer.

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Tuesday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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Work at The Village Bakeshop!

We’re always looking for friendly, hard working, organized people to work in our business. If making and selling fine homemade foods could be your passion, please fill out our application form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Whitby Store: 601 Dundas St., W. Whitby Ontario L1N 2N3 · Phone: 905.665.6020

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