Premium Grocery Selections

At the Village Bake Shop we sell a full line of all your favourite Dutch groceries, and even some German and British imports too. Over the years we have discovered some spectacular grocery items. These are specialty foods and important delights that will turn any meal into a culinary treat. We are pleased to offer them here, in stock and ready for you to take home.

Grocery Brand Names we carry

  • Bolletje
  • DeRuijter
  • Sicof
  • Hero
  • Hak
  • Deroste
  • Milka
  • Cadbury
  • Conimex
  • Beemester
  • Peijnenburg
  • Lotus
  • Sheps Double Dutch
  • Dutch Bakery
  • Demolen

Grocery Brand Names we carry

  • Koopmans
  • King
  • Venco
  • Klene
  • Fortuin
  • Fruit-tella
  • Mentos
  • Honig
  • Knorr
  • Maggi
  • Senseo
  • Douwe Egberts
  • Jacobs
  • Bos Eel
  • Duyvis
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